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Prepare Your Children Before They Go Back to School

Discover and Connect With Your God-Given Responsibility 

and Confidently Take Control of how and when Your Children Learn About Sex, Relationships and LGBT...


Stop Worrying, relinquish Your embarrassment and Find Your Confidence ...

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How would you feel if, in ten years’ time, your daughter walked into your home and introduced you to her new girlfriend?  

How would you react if, Your son Jamal, announced he wants to be a girl named Jameelah?

What about if, your daughter came home pregnant after engaging in an illicit relationship?

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I'm Ready to Shape My Children's Future

Did you know the attitude and behaviour of most Muslim children to sex, relationships and LGBT is being shaped more by celebrities, teachers, social media, friends and the government than by their own parents?

It doesn’t have to be that way!

You may regret not having the kind of relationship with Your children You'd like.

Not taking charge of Shaping Your children's Values around Sex, Relationships and LGBT.

It's NOT Your fault and It's NEVER too late!

As a father of five children I know how You feel!

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You feel

  • Bombarded by the hypersexualised messages which normalise zina (ilicit sexual relations) to your children.

  • Bullied by lobbies who want your children to do more than just treat LGBT people like human beings but also accept it’s okay for a Muslim to identify as ‘gay’ or change their biological sex.

  • Overwhelmed and don’t know how to respond to all the threats to your children’s Islamic values.
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I’ve also felt exhausted and paralysed by the growing challenge in raising confident, God conscious Muslim children

  • The future for Your children is not dictated by either the external influences that surround them, or the lobbies, which seek to re-shape their norms, unless You allow them to.

  • Sometimes You can become focused on the influences around your children that You can’t change, and forget about all the influences You can. We all do! It's not your fault, but there is a better way.

  • You feel alone and outgunned. You feel as though You’re throwing pebbles into the ocean but this does not stop the crashing waves. 


The future is not inevitable!


The future belongs to You, if you rely on Allah subhanahu wa ta’aala, and take decisive action, You will, by Allah's leave, be able to shape your children's attitudes and behaviours.

Allah subhanahu wa ta’aala has placed the greatest responsibility on You, to raise upright children who are saved from the fire of hell.

“Oh You who Believe, Protect Yourselves and Your Family from the Hellfire.” [TMQ, At-Tahreem:6]

The Messenger of Allah (salAllahu alaihi wasallam):

  • called You, the father, Mas’ool – responsible, over your children and
  • honoured You, the mother, by describing paradise as being beneath Your feet.

You have a mighty status.  But with such an honoured status comes a great responsibility.

You should feel rest assured that Allah subhanahu wa ta'aala considers You capable and with His help You will live up to Your potential.

You may feel exhausted by the prospect of the struggle ahead, but rest assured there is a better, proven way to ease Your struggle.

I've Been Where You  Are!

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It all started before I was a parent.

  • When I was 12 years’ old, my secondary school sent a letter home about the sex education class that was going to take place the following week. 
  • My father had absolute trust in the school as a pillar of authority so he signed the letter.
  • The class was led by the jack-the-lad PE teacher.
  • The first activity was to brainstorm the rudest words we could think of and then we were made to watch a sex education video, which graphically depicted male and female bodies.

Even back then I felt:

  • Uncomfortable
  • Disconnected and
  • Embarrassed

The ‘lesson’ was disconnected from my life as a Muslim

  • It reinforced societal norms, around being in a sexual relationship and fulfilling sexual desires. There was no talk of family, commitment, different religious perspectives or moral decision making.
  • I would've loved to be able to speak to someone who understood my perspective as a Muslim, but I didn’t have the words to express my confusion or anyone I could confide in.  I felt so lonely and confused.
  • I remember, one of the first things I did was go to the local Islamic bookshop in search of answers.
  • As I held a book called, ‘Sex Education in Islam’ in my hand, I felt a sense of ease. 
  • Finally I would be able to connect with my Islamic values.  I took the book home and read it.
  • The book, was not what I had expected, it talked about the legal status of sex education in schools but that wasn't what I was looking for. 
  • It didn’t clarify our values, as Muslims, or speak to the incorrectness of societal values

When I became a father 16 years’ later.

  • I remembered that same feeling.  I didn’t want my children or any Muslim child to feel the same way as I felt.
  • That was why I set up SREIslamic.
  • As my children grew older, I recognised that I had to upskill my own knowledge in this area. 
  • So I read over 50 books, spoke to Islamic scholars and students of knowledge and sought to apply what I discovered with my children and other parents.
  • I made many mistakes along the way, and I still do.  But I'm more convinced than ever before that Muslim parents like me and You, must bite the bullet and take back control of this responsibility that so many want to take from us.

And that’s the main reason why I support parents like You have lifechanging conversations with Your children around sex, relationships and LGBT.

I want to support You strengthen Your relationship with Your children, so that they see You as the go to person, so they never have to feel they’re navigating these topics alone.

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I Discovered Timeless Authoritative Approaches to Discuss Sex, Relationships and LGBT rooted in Islamic values

I truly believe that we must find solutions in Islamic sources but also balance this with contemporary approaches to meet the new challenges Your Children face in a hypersexualised world.

There is a lack of real practical advice for Muslim parents around dealing with sex, relationships and LGBT. 

Some Muslims imitate western models, whilst others reinforce western narratives in their responses.

I know thousands of Muslim parents, who have experienced the same confusion about how to respond, and I know there are thousands more out there. If you’re still reading this right now, I’m almost certain you’re in the same shoes.


My aim is to support You to use tried and tested approaches countless Muslim parents have implemented in order to take back control of this sacred role in raising Your children in a hypersexualised society.

We have been misled into believing we have very little impact on the lives of our children.  

  • You are influential in the lives of your children, but that’s only if you choose to be.

Parents often ask me:

  • How do I know when to start conversations with my child?
  • Are there ages at which specific topics need to be discussed?
  • Are there any resources to help make this easier?
  • How do I get over my embarrassment and shyness?  No one discussed this with me!

You are one click away from these answers!

Many Muslim Parents like You are Worried About What Your Children Will Learn at School in September.

Your concern is a healthy sign of Iman (belief), but you can choose to do something about it or carry on with the cycle of despair that can engulf the best of us.

Are You ready to take back control of shaping your children's attitudes and behaviours around sex, relationships and LGBT?

If You're ready, I have the solution You're looking for. 

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Let Me Introduce You to the Parental Guidance Development Programme 

You Would’ve Wanted Your Parents to Go On, and Which Your Children Will be Grateful You Did!

  • The Parental Guidance Development Programme is a unique, first of its kind online programme supporting Muslim parents, like You, have life transforming conversations with Your children about sex, relationships and LGBT, in line with Islamic values.

  • It is a unique Programme.  This is because most Muslim run ‘courses’ ignore Your Muslim child as a holistic being, their spiritual, intellectual and emotional needs.

  • They merely reinforce foreign approaches, narratives and terminology borrowed from secular-liberal perspectives.  They also skate around, or ignore, LGBT topics.

    Most ‘courses’ suggest the parenting solution to a  hypersexualised society is 'the talk'.  This high pressured, single conversation, is ineffectual for a number of reasons:

    1. It puts unnecessary pressure on You to perform and is very embarrassing for Your child to take in adult topics in one sitting.

    2. It's very unnatural to avoid a topic and then discuss everything without building upon previous discussions.

    3. It conveys to parents that the focus is on the mechanics of sex.

    4. One ‘talk’ is not enough, there should be many smaller conversations. One building on another.

    5. It often becomes nothing more than a tick box exercise.  It's not very meaningful and very artificial but phew, it's over with!

    6. It can often be very one way, no one wants a lecture, particularly children, especially about sex!

    7. It can be very disconnected from the life of your child.

The PG Development Programme focuses on supporting You to have meaningful, timely, effective, holistic, two-way discussions that are centred around the needs of your child.


Discover and Connect With Your God-Given Purpose and Confidently Take Control of how and when Your Children Learn About Sex, Relationships and LGBT...


The Parental Guidance Development Programme will take You on a journey, from being stuck to becoming equipped with the skills and tools to make an effective difference in your children's lives.

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Over the course of three months you will discover the answer to these questions:

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What you'll receive

3 months of Weekly Live Group Coaching


Valued at £459 

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2 Live Core Implementation Sessions - lifetime access (including updated training)


(Valued at £247)

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On Demand Training - Lifetime Access Including Updates 


(Valued at £347)

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Access to an online Support Community Alongside Parents Like You – Lifetime Access

(Valued at £459)

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A Workbook, Guides and Scripts (including lifetime access to updates)


(Valued at £349)

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Total Value (So Far): £1,861

Plus 2 Exclusive Bonuses

7 Habits of Highly Successful Muslim Parents
(Mini Course)

(Valued at £29)

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Powerful Du'as for Powerful Parents e-book

(Valued at £7)

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£117 TODAY


1 time payment

£117 one-time

3 months of Weekly Live Group Coaching (Valued at £459)
2 Live Core Implementation Sessions - (lifetime access including updated training) (Valued at £247)
On Demand Training - Lifetime Access Including Updates  (Valued at £347)
Membership to an exclusive online Support Community Alongside Parents Like You – Lifetime Access (Valued at £459)
A Workbook, guides and scripts (including lifetime access to updates) (Valued at £349)

3-Part Payment Plan

£40 x 3 Months

3 months of Weekly Live Group Coaching (Valued at £459)
2 Live Core Implementation Sessions (lifetime access including updated training) (Valued at £247)
On Demand Training - Lifetime Access Including Updates  (Valued at £347)
Membership to an exclusive online Support Community Alongside Parents Like You – Lifetime Access (Valued at £459)
A Workbook, guides and scripts (including lifetime access to updates) (Valued at £349)
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7 Day Risk Free Guarantee

I truly think this is going to be life-changing for you and Your family, so I’m inviting you to enrol for the Parental Guidance Development Programme RISK-FREE. 

Sign Up Today, If You Don’t Like It For ANY REASON before 26th July (midnight London Time), Just Let Me Know And I’ll Give You A Full Refund.

This means you get to try out three on-demand modules, one live core implementation workshop and one live coaching session Before Committing Fully!

That is my promise to you, because I am confident in the programme and because I want this purchase to be fair to you. In fact, with this 100% satisfaction guarantee, you have NOTHING to lose... but potentially A LOT to gain, Insha Allah. 

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What They say about Yusuf Patel

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Ustadh Yusuf Patel is well known to me and we have engaged numerous times concerning various topics and issues related to Muslims in Britain.

Through my interaction with Ustadh Yusuf Patel I have found him to be hardworking, honest, dedicated and someone who has the best interest of Muslims in Britain.

Imam Shakeel Begg – Head Imam, Lewisham Islamic Centre

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If Allah has blessed us with sons and daughters and we are concerned for their upbringing, then with the introduction of the topic of Sex and Relationships in schools,  be informed we have Yusuf Patel.  He is dynamic, I have known him for over a decade and he has prepared very important, amazing, beneficial courses, which You and I can take benefit from. You will be amazed and this opportunity will be highly beneficial.

Shaikh Suliman Gani, Imam, Purley Masjid

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I’ve worked alongside Yusuf Patel on numerous regional and national Muslim community projects since 2013. He is a dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced trainer and service provider, who I’ve had the great honour and pleasure learning from over the course of eight years.

Dilly Hussain – Deputy Editor, 5 Pillars

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I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Yusuf for many years. He is certainly our go-to person for anything related to SRE. SREIslamic had been proactively leading in this field for years, since well before it became somewhat of an emergency we have had to respond to as a community in recent years. I have trust and confidence in Yusuf and his circle of advisors to lead the community by the permission of Allāh through this turbulent terrain.

Salman Butt, Chief Editor, Islam21C

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The PG Course is Rated Very Highly!

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Yusuf Patel's sex education course has been an eye-opening game-changing, awe-inspiring one!

I was eager to respond proactively to the overt oversexualisation of children in our society but wanted more than just a set of don'ts...I needed the list of do's!! That's exactly what I found in the course I attended. Lots and lots of suggestions to discuss sensitive topics with our children, lots and lots of clever ways to approach teenage specific issues, and lots and lots of liberating ideas to drive the conversation forward with my children, without brushing anything under the carpet. 

No topic was off limit and was firmly rooted in the Islamic perspective.

If I could, I would do this course again, and wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who wants to have a better, more sincere, apt and positive conversation with their children about all those topics which they will inevitably face growing up.

From a parent and a teacher

Mrs Farhan, London

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At first in all honesty, I was a bit weary of the length of the course and the fact that the course was being held on Saturday evenings! 6 months later, I can honestly say the course has benefitted and continues to benefit my thinking in this area.  All parents need to undertake this course – no matter what age your children are. The course will take you through how to discuss contentious and very current issues with children of all ages – it doesn’t start when your kids are big. we have a responsibility as parents to improve our knowledge and understanding of sex related issues in a faith sensitive way so that we can raise our children to be happy, healthy, safe and confident Muslims and Muslimahs. This is what you will get from this course, in sha Allah.

Mother and Primary School Teacher

Saffah, London

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Excellent course by an expert in the field. Ustadh Yusuf is a gem in our community.

Dawud, West Yorkshire

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Based on how it was advertised & actual delivery - I thought there was a big difference. Although I feel it was for the better - it initially came across as a practical, straight to the point Sex Education course but it was more about the fundamentals/overall approach, mindset etc. which for me was refreshing.

Naveed, Ilford

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This course was extremely useful. I gained a lot of confidence as a parent on how to discuss and educate my children about the topics of relationship and sex.

Imran, Birmingham

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MaashaaAllah very informative and beneficial course to make you understand the issues of tarbiyah for this generation. Would definitely recommend to everyone. The delicacy of the course and the materials provided was well worth the time. Have not regretted attending this course. In fact, I regretted missing a session as I had an emergency to deal with.

Saeeda, Bolton

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This course made me think differently and is a real eye opener! 

Shamsul, Slough

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Very informative, well presented and detailed course. Definitely recommend all parents to enrol to educate themselves and become better parents.

Umm Khadijah, Peterborough

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Just came back from Sex Education course run by brother Yusuf Patel I would advise everyone to go to a session whether your kids are in a state school, Muslim school or are home schooled.  These issues need our attention as a Muslim community. 

Jameelah, East London

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I attended the sex education course and it left me feeling confident that I'm not alone with my concerns and gave me effective tools to support my children in the best way. I have had multiple conversations with my own child now which has helped to ensure that I'm the first port of call if she has questions - this is so important if we are serious about safeguarding our children to retain their Islamic values. The sessions were well balanced between information sharing and group discussions where we could all learn from and support each other. The course content is delivered sensitively and I would highly recommend it whatever age your child.

Naima, Birmingham

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Alhamdolilla a very informative and interactive course. It really brought to life how to address key sensitive matters with our children. I learnt so much to help myself in understanding how to reach out to my child.

I managed to implement what I learnt with my children and my own parenting mentality has changed for the better. Masha Allah brother Yusuf Prepared and planned the lessons well and every session was well worth my time! I eagerly look forward to the next course so I can carry on with my learning with brother Yusuf.

Umm Khadijah, Luton

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I have just recently completed the sex education course with Yusuf Patel and I cannot begin to tell you how delighted I am to have done so.

If you want to be educated on current, contentious and “must-know” topics du jour, then this is the course for you. Brother Yusuf has set up such a crucial and important course that covers issues such as LGBTQ, gender ideology and same-sex relationships. These will affect our children’s lives and have ramifications whether they’re at school, college, university or a workplace.

He goes through each topic week by week, discussing the Islamic view and the liberal western view and, importantly the stance we should take in a respectful manner. I don’t think there is a course like this!

I think this course should be compulsory for any parent especially those who live in the West and allows us to develop the tools in order to navigate this difficult landscape.

Aysha Ahmed, London

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About the Instructor

Yusuf Patel is the Founder of SREIslamic, a community organisation established in 2008 to support parents respond to sex education in schools. He has delivered hundreds of workshops and supported tens of thousands of Muslim parents.

Yusuf was the sole representative of the Muslim community to give evidence at the Education Committee’s inquiry into SRE in 2014.

He has appeared on the mainstream media to speak about sex education and is a regular contributor to Islam21C and 5 Pillars. 

He has delivered bespoke sessions in Muslim schools, delivered presentations in mosques throughout the country and supported/advised maktabs/madrasas with how to teach about sex, relationships and LGBT.


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